Element Group Releases New Research on Impact of ICO Bounty Campaigns

Element Group, a full-service advisory firm for the digital token
capital markets, today released a newly published report indicating that
a positive correlation exists between the size of a bounty campaign and
the amount raised in an initial coin offering (ICO) sale.

In late 2017, ICO bounty campaigns emerged as strategies to create
additional exposure for blockchain projects and to broaden investor
reach following token generation events. Element Group analyzed data
from 164 offerings that utilized bounty campaigns to better understand
their impact on fundraising activities. Using data from ICOBench to
analyze ICOs completed within the past year, Element Group considered
additional information, including hard cap, amount raised, price per
token and ICOBench rating. Bounty campaign volume in both tokens and
fiat were also taken into account.

“Using stratified sampling to achieve high statistical precision, we
found that a $1 increase in bounty campaign volume predicts between an
$8 and $15 increase in the final amount raised,” said Kevin Lu, Director
of Quantitative Research at Element Group. “Naturally the size of a
project dictates the commitment to the bounty as well as the amount
raised in the token sale, but interestingly, even when controlling for
these and other factors, the aggregate effect of a bounty campaign on
the overall amount raised in a token sale is still significant.”

“As the ICO landscape continues to shift away from the massive main sale
model that was prevalent in 2017, it is increasingly essential to
understand and analyze token sale models that work best in today’s
evolving crypto landscape,” said Stan Miroshnik, CEO and Co-Founder of
Element Group. “Our research on the adoption and impact of ICO bounty
campaigns will help to better inform and advise participants in the
digital asset space as they determine strategies that best position them
for success.”

A link to download a copy of the full report can be found here: https://elementgroup.com/blog/research-do-ico-bounty-campaigns-help-hit-the-fundraising-jackpot/.

About Element Group

Element Group is a full-service advisory firm for the digital token
capital markets that delivers advisory, capital markets, technology and
asset management services in an integrative manner. Element manages
investor and client funds on a non-discretionary basis, investing in
promising emerging protocol and dApp technologies and utility driven
crypto-currencies. Element also executes token sales and ICOs and
supports market-leading transactions with technology, bridging the gap
between token buyers and issuers, and delivering thought leadership on
structuring and process.

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