Elizabeth Warren and the VP Question

There has much speculation in recent times concerning what Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee, thinks about Elizabeth Warren, the firebrand Massachusetts Senator, as the vice-president to her presidency.

Elizabeth Warren, for her part, is an icon among progressives. She finds wide support among Bernie Sanders supporters. She is focused, fearless and fierce on campaign finance and economic inequality. It also helps that the one percent elite of the US is firmly in her sights. Many detractors within the Democratic Party and outside it believes that she is not a good choice for the US vice presidency. There are a number of reasons behind this contention. A few of them include:

There is more than just the economy

The Democratic primaries have revealed that non-white voters did not show interest in economic issues which were the bulwark of Sanders campaign. There should be no cause for surprise on this part. The Republican Party has allowed white supremacists to tar every aspect of American life. Police officers biased against African American suspects are let off even after the former was shown to brutalize the latter.

The Obama presidency has failed to erase racism. Warren is a white woman and she has the privilege of birth which her probable black voters do not have. The one percent is a potent issue for whites, but not for African-Americans.

Lack of positives

Nominees for the vice presidency normally gives a boost to the presidential nominee. It could be in their kind of profile or their help in winning states. This is where Warren fails. Her home state Massachusetts is boringly blue. Most of her constituents will in probably vote Democratic, including Bernie Sanders supporters.

Clinton can choose better candidates than Warren. She could pick the Virginia senator Tim Kaine or Julian Castro, who heads the Housing and Urban Development branch and is of Hispanic origin. The latter can be a powerful counterpoint when it comes to Trump’s construct a wall and then deport them tactic. If she selects Tom Perez, the Labor Secretary, she acquires every benefit in the book: the progressive credentials of Warren, the Latino background of Castro and the dignity of Kaine.


Warren can actually cost Clinton her votes in some scenarios.  The specter of an all-female administration could alienate male chauvinists, and this can be a crucial factor in the swing states. They are perceived to pose a challenge to masculinity.

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