Enabling Clinical-Grade Health Management Devices

HITECH Answers is a trusted and independent source on Electronic Health Records (EHR) adoption progress among health care providers and hospitals. A recent article on HITECH Answer, Waqaas Al-Siddiq, CEO and Founder of Biotricity Inc.  (OTCMKTS: BTCY) is describing in detail the process of enabling clinical-grade health management devices. 
The article presents a detailed argument on how an adoption of clinical-grade health management devices can improve our lives. The busy, fast paced modern world makes it difficult for us to meet our daily health and wellness goals. Furthermore, such a life style can be potentially dangerous, it comes with constant pressure, stress, unhealthy fast food eating choices and more. While such a life style may have negative long term effects on our health, we are also much more aware and educated about health issues, which resulted in an effort to make better choices despite all the challenges.
Overcoming the challenges can be difficult. Millennials often seek help and advice from the internet, which often leads to misdiagnosis and therefore late treatments. The right solution then is wearable health and fitness technology. 
“The past few years have seen a rise in the development of wearable technology, particularly in the realms of health and fitness tracking. Equipped with sensors, these wearable devices are used to monitor and measure heart rate activity, pulse rate, metabolic rate, calories and more.” Said Mr. Siddiq. 
The Wearables market started to gain popularity as a consumer fitness and bio-related stats devices. Like the FitBit (NYSE: FIT) devices. The much bigger potential however is in addressing pressing healthcare problems. Wearable devices can remotely and continuously monitor patients with chronic illnesses. Such device can also can reach for patients who are unable to access a healthcare facility. 

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