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Entrepreneur Timothy Sykes Reviewed – Trading Penny Stocks in 2020

Trading penny stocks allows you to profit from the stock market by providing access to the stocks of small companies that are yet to be listed on mainstream exchanges. Penny stocks are controversial, some people think that they are a great way to make money from the financial markets especially if you have a small trading capital. On the other hand, some people think that penny stocks are a guaranteed way to lose money in the financial market.

Interestingly, Timothy Sykes is one of the most controversial people in the penny stock trading industry. For one, Tim is a multimillionaire who built a significant part of his wealth from trading penny stocks despite all the negativity about them. He has also built a thriving business around teaching people how to become successful penny stock traders. In this Timothy Sykes review, I’ll share my first-hand experience with Timothy Sykes, and you can then make your conclusions on whether he is legitimate or not.

Timothy Sykes Review – An Introduction

Timothy Sykes is indisputably one of the most successful penny stock traders in the world today. He has recounted how he got into trading penny stocks many times. It all started when his parents handed his $12,415 Bar Mitzvah gift money to him – they had expected him to spend the money on games, clothes, and gadgets, but they hoped he will learn important financial lessons from the experience.

In an interesting plot twist, Tim took the money to Wall Street because he was recovering from an accident and spending time in front of a computer was the only physical thing he could do. He first tried to trade regular stocks before he finally settled on penny stocks. In his stories, he claimed to have turned the $12,415 into more than $200,000 and he was already a millionaire by his 21st birthday.

Timothy Sykes is also known for his lavish lifestyle – his more than 1.5 million Instagram followers and 200K Twitter followers often see titbits of his luxury cars, posh mansions, and travel to exotic locations.

His lavish lifestyle is often a subject of controversy and intense debates. However, an often-overlooked fact is that Tim shares part of his successful lifestyle to inspire people to aspire to success. It’s also interesting that critics also tend to conveniently ignore posts about Tim’s philanthropy, building schools, and getting involved in conservative programs.

Timothy Sykes Review – Trading Strategy

Based on my observations, Timothy Sykes seems to have perfected the art of trading penny stocks profitably, irrespective of whether they are trading up, down, or sideways. Tim is big on technical analysis and he is always quick to spot penny stocks that are on the verge of a breakout. He then buys these stocks as soon as they start trending and he is disciplined enough to exit such trades near the highest price point in the rally.

Tim also teaches the students how to take advantage of the many opportunities for shorting penny stocks. Many penny stock traders only focus on opportunities to buy penny stocks when they are priced low in the hopes of selling them for a profit after a while. However, most penny stock trades are speculative; hence, when penny stocks reach their all-time highs, their prices tend to fall rapidly and short sellers can benefit from such price corrections.

Also, the past several months of learning how to trade penny stocks with Timothy Sykes has thought me how to make the important distinction between trading and investing. A trading mindset is fundamentally different from an investor’s mindset and this is perhaps the biggest lesson I learned in the first month of joining Tim Sykes’ training program.

Timothy Sykes Review – Training Programs

Timothy Sykes has built a fortune around teaching the art of trading penny stocks, but he teaches because he loves to teach and not because people pay to learn from him. His YouTube channel is filled with lots of videos on trading penny stocks and they are available for free. If you want a more structured and premium learning experience, Tim offers this penny stock trading education through Profitly. If you choose to learn how to trade penny stocks from Timothy Sykes, the three main options available to you are Tim’s Alerts, Pennystocking Silver, and Tim’s Challenge.

Tim’s Alerts is the basic plan, it costs $74.95 per month and you can get a 24% discount if you buy the annual plan – the annual plan is obviously cheaper but I started with the monthly plan so that I could test the waters before making a longer commitment. Tim’s Alerts provide subscribers with real-time trading alerts delivered via email or SMS. You’ll also get access to the chatroom where you can interact with more than 1000 other traders. The best part of Tim’s Alerts is the daily watchlist that gives you 5 to 10 stocks to review.

Pennystocking Silver costs $149.95 per month but you can get a 28% discount on the annual plan. With Pennstocking Silver, you’ll get all the benefits of Tim’s Alert and then, you’ll get access to a video library with more than 6000 videos – and no, these videos are not the same ones available for free on YouTube. You’ll also get access to weekly video lessons in which Tim shares his thoughts on the current state of the penny stock market.

Tim’s Challenge, which is also called Millionaire’s Challenge is the crème de la crème of penny stock trading education. It is specially designed to create millionaires from the stock market. Many of Tim’s previous Millionaire Challenge students have recorded incredible successes. CNN has a feature on Tim Gritanni, one of Timothy’s students who turned $1,500 into $1 million within 3 years. Some other alumni of Millionaire Challenge have even gone on to outperform Tim in terms of career trading profits as seen in the leader board above.

Timothy Sykes Review: Final Thoughts

I wrote this Timothy Sykes Review to establish the facts on whether Tim is real or a scam. Tim has a flamboyant lifestyle but being flashy is not proof of fraud or illegitimate earnings. However, the fact that Timothy Sykes has made millions from trading penny stocks is not a guarantee that you’ll become a millionaire trader. Your success will be dependent on several factors including your determination to learn and practice his trading ideas.

More importantly, you should note that penny stocks are speculative, volatile, and often at the risk of market manipulation. You need the right mix of stock trading education, market information, and trading discipline to succeed in this market. Tim has proven that he could help traders improve their odds of profit, and that’s probably more important to you than his flamboyant lifestyle.