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Entrepreneurship 101: Finding a Scalable Business

Growth. It’s the one thing that every entrepreneur, business owner, and potential investor should value above all else. A company can be forgiven a great number of sins if it has managed to successfully grow from year to year. Indeed, merely identifying a business with the potential for growth has a great deal of value as well. The question for progressive entrepreneurs then becomes a twofold issue: first, how best to find companies with growth potential, and secondly, how to make those companies achieve their best results possible.

Developing an Eye for Scalability

There is no single definitive reason that explains why some businesses succeed when others fail; in fact, the unpredictability of the market is one of its intrinsic qualities. Still, savvy business pros usually sport a keen eye for figuring out what companies have the capability of reaching new heights, and which ones will always be limited in what they can achieve. Several factors you may want to consider when evaluating a business are:

Age: if a business has only just started it may be difficult to judge it properly. Alternatively, if a company has been in existence for years and still lacks financial stability, you can probably close the book on it growing much in the future.

Location: strange though it may sound, physical location still matters when evaluating a business’s potential for expansion and success.

Industry Trends: naturally, if a company’s industry is experiencing a boom, the business itself will likely see an uptick in production as well.

Diversity: ideally, a new business should do multiple things well and adapt to changes in the marketplace. So if a business relies on one strategy completely, and lacks the ability to shift course, you may want to reconsider financial involvement with it.

How to Improve Business Scalability

The good news for business owners and entrepreneurs who are already involved with a startup company is that there are steps you can take to prepare your business for expansion –– while boosting your potential for growth at the same time. The first is to surround yourself with a talented core of dedicated team members. Indeed, this might be the most vital step toward business success; it’s more than just lip service to say that your employees are your most valuable resource. Secondly, every progressive business owner should look to provide their team with advanced and (more importantly) adaptable technological upgrades. Note that everything from VoIP-Salesforce integrations to cloud-based software can help your business move from strength-to-strength. And lastly, any business looking to expand should prioritize market research. Staying abreast of the latest developments in your given field will ensure that you never get left behind by your competitors.


Again, there may not be a fool-proof method for judging a company’s future prospects, but that doesn’t mean you can’t educate yourself to make better decisions. Above all, it’s imperative for business owners to keep themselves as informed as possible. Do this and you’ll likely enjoy success in your endeavors.