Entrepreneurship awaits Fellers post completion of Council Term

As an owner of Five Iron Advisory, a consulting company specializing in business development, Trent Fellers face a number of challenges. His problems take a whole new dimension when people know that he also holds membership of Lincoln City Council. He admits that it takes quite a time commitment for all around success, but he insists that it is possible. This is the reason why he does not count the hours he puts in at work.

Entreprenuership at work

Fellers makes a point to be always available. He has good company. His wife is an entrepreneur as well. Her business is in wedding dress design and they adore their two children. The hectic schedule has however made him more aware of his limitations and he has decided not to run the election race in 2017. He said it is hard to be an entrepreneur and also do part time politics at the same time. The presence of his children makes his tasks much harder. He said that he has discovered his working capacity and his present volume of work is more than enough.

Fellers already has his future planned out. He plans to expand Five Iron Advisory. The list of present clients includes Stone Fin Technology and Venergy Group. According to him, Venergy is owned by a veteran led energy group and he met the founders a few years ago when he was working as a deputy director in Nebraska Energy. Fellers was quick to praise his former employer, saying that the Energy Loan Program of Nebraska was an excellent model to look up to and many other companies should follow it. He was also full of praise for the company’s excellent use of technology.

Personal business

Fellers business relationship with Stone Fin Technology came after he stuck a friendship with Carl Steffen, the president of the company. The latter was his first client and Stone Fin is a growing stellar company. He mentioned that the latter was a kind of company it was good to do business with. He is at present developing a software to be used in screen printers. This software will simplify the online ordering process. Five Iron Advisory has already crafted a prototype and have a few paying clients read for a test later this year. The company also offers support to Nebraska Million. The latter is a fund for angel investment. Fellers offers executive director services to investors in Omaha, Council Bluffs and Lincoln.

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