Entrepreneurship Program hosted by Us Embassy

A traveling entrepreneurship program was hosted by The United States Embassy in charge of OECS, Barbados and Eastern Caribbean. The program event took place in a number of locations, like Barbados, Antigua and Barbuda along with Grenada. The target audience of the program was entrepreneurship students at tertiary level. Young entrepreneurs were also encouraged to participate. Audiences at all venues enjoyed the screening of Generation Startup film. Giving a helping hand was Dextina Booker, an American entrepreneur and one of the entrepreneurs shown in film.

Generation Startup

Generation Startup is a documentary which meticulously captures the initial struggles and the eventual triumphs for the Venture for America participants. These entrepreneurs start their own thing in Detroit. It is an honest, on-the-street look at what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. The film is directed by Cynthia Wade, an Academy Award winner and Cheryl Miller Houser.  The documentary was shot over a period of 15 months. The film celebrates innovation and entrepreneurship along with Detroit's economic rejuvenation.

Engagement in Barbados happened at Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic. About a hundred students congregated on April 7. They all share a common interest of being their own boss. The students saw the film. They had a fruitful discussion with Booker afterward. Booker, for her part, shared experiences. She discussed why entrepreneurs should value networks and how to make them happen. She also discussed how funding can be arranged from non-traditional sources.

The second engagement saw participation by young entrepreneurs. Members of the audience interacted with Booker and discussed how a support network can be extremely important when one begins an entrepreneurial venture.

Fostering entrepreneurship

The US Embassy, for its part, was fully committed to its task of fostering entrepreneurship. Linda Taglialatela, the US Ambassador, commented that program like this one assist to engage the audiences in important discussions like the ones on entrepreneurship. She said that it is her hope that every participant in the program leaves this program with the knowledge that the spirit and action of entrepreneurship pushes the economic resources to work more efficiently. This, in turn, makes a positive impact on longer term growth and the country's economic development. She highlighted the fact that the American embassy is fully committed to host program in Eastern Caribbean. This will emphasize an economic growth which is sustainable in the longer run. This will have the effect of making the states prosperous, stable and democratic.

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