Entrepreneurship Skills Embedded in Graduates

A total of 132 students graduated from a four-month-long Youth Empowerment through Computer & Entrepreneurship Skills Training imparted by Guinii Creek United Development Association Inc.(GUCDA). The training was sponsored by  Exxon Mobil and National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL). The GUCDA collaborated with the MichComp Technologies Inc. (MC-TECH). The efforts came after NOCAL, as a part of its CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility, asked for proposals from a number of non-government organizations. The GUCDA then submitted its proposal to offer underprivileged young persons residing in Montserrado County a number of entrepreneurship and computer skills.

Applications and implementation

GUCDA, in its collaboration with MC-Tech asked young individuals to submit their respective applications for training programs. A total of 420 young people submitted applications. Only 172 were selected to be a part of the program. MichComp Technology co-implemented the program. It is an ICT company which integrates high school computer education all over Liberia.

NOCAL selected GUCDA to implement youth empowerment via entrepreneurship and computer skills training program. These are to be delivered to disadvantaged youths in Montserrado County's electoral district 17. The intention of such training was to empower the disadvantaged youth with entrepreneurship along with computer skills. These will help them to be self-reliant. They can then make a meaningful contribution to Liberia's post-war development.

Happy graduates

The passed out students were happy with the training they had received. They said that the training had equipped them for 21st-century careers. They were also happy to get the chance to contribute to the development and growth of Liberia. One of the graduate students, Faith Gerring, said that this training will help her to become a tech entrepreneur- her childhood dream. She said that NOCAL has equipped her with entrepreneurial and computer skills. She expressed her intention to begin her own desktop publishing and Internet cafe business. She appreciated the actions taken by Exxon Mobil and NOCAL for sponsoring her. She also appreciated the manner by which GUCDA and MichComp Technology implemented training.

According to an official of MichComp Technology, there is an urgent requirement of bridging the deficit of computer knowledge. The Liberian school children must also enjoy a taste of IT education. The official said that research done by his company revealed that eight of 10 Liberian high school graduates lack fundamental computer knowledge and computer operation skills. This skill gap was also found in about 60 percent of the country's college students.

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