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EQLB to introduce Last Shot at the US Foods Military Food Show at Vista Point

LAS VEGAS, June 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Via OTC PR Wire — The Sales and marketing team at EQLB has been invited and will be attending the U.S. Foods Military Food Show at the Vista Point Naval Station, Norfolk, VA. This will be the 3rd Annual show highlighting the many products distributed to the commissaries and post exchanges located on military bases across the country.

Joining the Last Shot team at the show in their booth is film producer, actor and comedian, Miguel A. Nez, best known for his supporting roles in The Return of the Living Dead and a leading role in Tour of Duty. Nez was also an executive producer of the 2014 comedy-drama musical film, School Dance, directed and written by Nick Cannon.

“We are thrilled to have Miguel on our team,” said Mo Owens, EQLB, CEO. “His support of Last Shot means a lot to our brand and will enhance our ability to increase the product’s visibility and acceptance as we continue to introduce Last Shot to our audience of smart consumers. Owens goes on to say, “Our presence at the Vista Point Military Food Show is an exciting opportunity to make our brand known to the military.”

Last Shot launched in Las Vegas, is featured in retail outlets throughout Sin City, with a large retail and consumer audience and thousands of cans sold. Last Shot has quickly and quietly become one of the leading cold beverages of choice by the general public as well as health conscious consumers, including our physically fit, military service personnel.

The Armed Forces Post Exchanges and Commissary Stores represent one the largest retail outlets in the United States and serve military communities on bases around the world. “We have been inundated with inquiries about Last Shot from armed forces members who recognize the healthy alternative that Last Shot represents,” says Owens.

The U.S. Foods Military Food Show at Vista Point is held in conjunction with the 12th Annual “Feeding the Warriors” Golf Tournament at Honeybee Golf Course (This is a Non-Government Sponsored event). For more information contact: Mo Owens, Mo@DrinkEQ.com