Erdogan Declares Emergency after Failed Coup

President of Turkey- Tayyip Erdogan has declared a state of emergency in Turkey following the unsuccessful attempt by the army to take over the country in his absence.

The crackdown of all those supposedly responsible has gone to the thousands and arrests are happening continuously over the last few days. The state of emergency that has been announced is salted to last for at least three months where Erdogan said that the country can be brought back on track. It is also a time when the government can take swift and decisive action against all those who stood for and supported this coup.

Emergency rule

For the emergency to be official, it will have to be published in the country’s official gazette. The rule will then allow the President and his cabinet to easily bypass the parliamentary processes in the passing of new laws, suspend or limit rights of people as they see fit. The announcement was made after a 5 hour meeting with parliament and his ministers. It was done through a live telecast in which he addressed the entire country and broke the news. In the speech, he said that it was a necessary step taken to take effective steps against threats to democracy and the freedom of the people of Turkey.

He also openly rebuffed the Western governments for being critical about him in the way he has handled those who participated in the coup. So far, over 60,000 government officials, including police officers, civil servants, judges, and teachers have been either arrested or suspended for direct or indirect participation in last Friday’s coup. He also made it clear that the sweep is far from over and that there is a clear involvement of foreign countries to try and overthrow him and his government.

Academia to blame?

Academics and professors from various Turkish universities were not allowed to fly out of the country. It was done to ensure that the academicecians and those in universities, ones suspected to have masterminded this coup could not flee the country.

According to Erdogan himself, the person to blame for it is Fethullah Gulen, a cleric currently in exile in the US.       

The putsch, followed by a purge of the people has caused a great level of disturbance to the nation of Turkey, a member of NATO and an ally to the rest of the countries who are fighting against the rise of the Islamic state.

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