European Union Threatened to Sue Seven Countries over Volkswagen Scandal


The European Union began legal actions against seven nations regarding the Volkswagen scandal on Thursday. The EU threatened to sue these countries for failing to monitor the emissions test cheating by Volkswagen and other carmakers.

Among the seven countries, Britain, Germany, Luxembourg and Spain was sued for failing to punish carmakers for installing software that enables vehicles to pass the emissions tests, which were actually beyond the legal level.

The commission also accused Britain and Germany of not sharing the doubtful findings, which was found by national investigation into the Dieselgate scandal.

In addition, the commission also sent letters as formal notice to Czech Republic, Lithuania and Greece, which is the other three nations involved, for failing to introduce the penalty systems in national laws.

After the scandal, Volkswagen agreed to pay nearly $15 billion to settle the case in the United States. However, there were no financial consequences for the firm in European. The scandal was not only due to the problems of the company, but also the problems of European Union. The cheating revealed the shortcomings of European Union, which is lack of penalties for violators and has problems in enforcing pollution rules.

The legal action that European Union took for Britain, Germany, Luxembourg and Spain is only the first step called infringement procedures, and the governments have two months to respond. If they fail to do so, the EU would send a final warning. After that, the EU may take these nations to EU courts in Luxembourg.

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