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Event Halls to be Converted into Facilities to Admit COVID-19 Patients

As new cases of the coronavirus are emerging each passing day, hospitals & medical facilities are struggling to hold COVID-19 patients.  Concert halls & event spaces are being converted into facilities to hold coronavirus patients. 

In Rotterdam, the Ahoy concert hall is being converted into an emergency hospital in the Netherlands to aid in the fight the coronavirus outbreak.  Today, work has begun on installation of the first 88 out of a potential 680 hospital beds in the halls of Ahoy.  The halls of Ahoy has been utilized to hold concerts, sport events and trade fairs.  Its doors are expected to open by mid April to hold those suffering from the coronavirus that need care but have not been admitted to a hospital. 

This will take pressure off the hospitals in the Netherlands as the number of individuals infected with COVID-19 has risen dramatically since the first case that was reported on February 27th.  Almost 11,000 cases of individuals with coronavirus have been reported with over 700 deaths.  The Dutch National Institute for Public Health announced that intensive care units within Dutch hospitals may reach capacity within the next two weeks. 

New York’s Javits Center has transformed its facility into a 1,200 bed emergency hospital for COVID-19 patients.  Javits Center staff along with the New York National Guard and the Army Corps of Engineers have transformed Javits Center into a medical facility in one week.  The facility may be expanded to accommodate up to 2,910 beds, larger than the city’s largest hospital New York-Presbyterian as it holds a 2,600 bed capacity.