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Ex- National Intelligence Director accuses Trump of ‘assaulting’ U.S. Institutions

Coming on the heels of Comey's firing from the FBI and its subsequent backlash, it appears that President Trump has also earned the wrath of other intelligence agencies. The former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, has now made a rather sensational statement that U.S. institutions are 'under assault' from the President. Mr. Clapper was the head of this intelligence agency until January of this year.

Government not working properly– says Clapper

In his own words, Mr. Clapper categorically stated that the government of the United States is not functioning the way it should, the way the founding fathers intended it to work. He went on to elaborate that U.S. institutions are facing a number of threats from external sources, but even more alarming is the fact that they also face threats internally. The external threats he was referring to are the allegations of interference by Russians in the election process. When questioned further on what he meant by internal assault, he clarified that he believed institutions were under threat from Mr. Trump.

Clapper reacts to Comey's firing

The statement was made by Mr. Clapper after news of the firing of FBI Director Comey was made public and sparked off a spate of criticism and outrage. Although White House officials first presented the move as a careful act of deliberation based on the Deputy Attorney General's advice, this story did not last. While the White House had portrayed the firing as the consequence of Comey's much criticized handling of Hillary Clinton's email investigation during the presidential campaign, Mr. Trump contradicted this carefully presented story by later stating that not only was the firing his personal decision, not influenced by the Deputy Attorney General or anyone else, but was linked to the investigation of Trump's possible ties with the Russians which has been under investigation for months now.

Describing the FBI as being in a state of turmoil, Clapper asked that the other federal government branches take their roles more seriously and act in line with their responsibilities to keep a check on the executive arm. He described the government structure as having an innate system of checks and balances which he hopes will continue to function the way the founding fathers intended.