Excel4apps Announces New Cloud-Enabled Offering for Excel-based Reporting and Budgeting from FinancialForce

a provider of best-in-class Excel-based reporting and data-loading
software for use with Oracle, PeopleSoft and SAP, has announced Wands
for FinancialForce. Comprised of GL Wand for reporting of live
FinancialForce Accounting data via Excel and Budget Wand for direct
uploads of budget data to FinancialForce from Excel, this cloud-enabled
offering provides a 360-degree view of financial processes for fast,
accurate period-end closes and budgeting cycles.

“We’re excited to extend our products, which have been implemented by
1,100 organizations representing 40,000 users around the world, to
FinancialForce customers who want to improve their access to accurate
data that drives the best possible business decisions,” said Michele
Buson, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Excel4apps. “As users of
FinancialForce and the new GL Wand and Budget Wand software ourselves,
we also anticipate the unique opportunity to experience our software as
customers do, which should guide future development in all our product

Like its predecessors for the Oracle, SAP and PeopleSoft platforms, GL
Wand for FinancialForce streamlines General Ledger reporting by linking
directly to ERP system data from an Excel interface. This allows easy
creation of accurate financial reports with Excel skills alone, as well
as immediate drill down to balance or transaction lines for faster
analysis. Likewise, Budget Wand expedites budget compilation with
comprehensive Excel-based models that directly upload to FinancialForce
and can be annually reused.

“Used together, these products let you upload data with Budget Wand and
then immediately see its impact with a refreshable Excel report using GL
Wand, sidestepping many of the manual steps finance professionals
usually take to work within Excel with FinancialForce data,” said Buson.
“In addition, a FinancialForce-compatible Reports Distribution Manager
supports mass dissemination of reports in a variety of formats to
further accelerate financial processes, particularly during month end.

For more information on the Wands Suite for FinancialForce, visit here.


Excel4apps is a best-in-class provider of Microsoft Excel-based
reporting and data-loading software for use with SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft
and FinancialForce. By empowering business professionals in a range of
industries with independent and secure access to real-time ERP data via
Microsoft Excel, the company’s products expedite accurate and timely
business decisions. Excel4apps products include the award-winning GL
Wand for financial reporting, as well as software for budget and
planning data uploads and other types of reports. Founded in 2005,
Excel4apps has offices in North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle
East, Asia and Australia to serve the needs of both local and global
multinational companies. For more information, visit www.excel4apps.com.

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