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Facebook Removes White National Accounts

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) has been suspending accounts that are associated with white nationalist groups as some users announced gearing up with weapons to bring to the current wave of ant-racist protests.  Facebook officials also indicated the removal of accounts that falsely claim allegiance to antifa to discredit the anti-fascist movement. 

Antifa members claim that their focus is on defending people from attacks by authorities or vigilantes but have been given a bad reputation by President Donald Trump that claimed they were instigators of anti-police violence. 

Accounts associated with the Proud Boys, previously classified as a dangerous group have been removed.  Connections to a group called the American Guard have been removed as it has been deemed a dangerous group as well.  Facebook executives remove and act accordingly on behaviors, not politics of content, thus claiming antifa as not dangerous.  The company continues to look for accounts that discuss protests and determine whether or not they are white nationalist accounts that encourage violence. 

Misleading antifa accounts are removed for “inauthentic behavior”.  False antifa posts may be tied to white nationalist groups that are utilized to plant false flags to embed distrust in the targeted group.