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Facebook to Deliver Supplementary Information on Data Privacy Probe

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) will turn over additional documentation in data privacy probe.  The California state attorney general’s office went to court to force Facebook to comply with additional requests for information in its investigation regarding data privacy. 

Facebook has agreed to respond to requests by November 26th.  Not all requested documents may be provided but the company has promised to provide the additional information in December & January.  A hearing on February 19th by a judge will settle the remaining document requests.  Will Castleberry, a Facebook vice president for state and local public policy, said Thursday in a statement that the company has “cooperated extensively with the state of California’s investigation by providing thousands of pages of written responses and hundreds of thousands of documents over the past year. We look forward to continued cooperation and resolving the attorney general’s remaining requests.”

Previously in July, the company announced that it will pay USD 5 Billion in fines to resolve a probe by the Federal Trade Commission regarding its privacy on user data.  Facebook still deals with an investigation by 47 U.S. states over “anti-competitive” practices as it may have put consumer data in jeopardy.