Families of Addicts Turn to Floridas Marchman Act for Help

BOCA RATON, Fla., May 15, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With the opiate crisis in the U.S. reaching epidemic levels in recent years, family members of addicts, alcoholics or those with mental health illnesses, are turning in increasing numbers to a little known law in Florida: The Marchman Act.

“When a child turns 18, many parents think that they are out of options in terms of getting help for their son or daughter,” said Mark G. Astor, Esq. of Drug and Alcohol Attorneys, the only law firm in the nation to focus solely on getting addicts into treatment.  “Through the Marchman Act, we can locate a family member and get them into treatment or a detox within hours, often just in time to save their lives.”

The Marchman Act is Florida’s involuntary commitment law for drug, alcohol and co-occurring mental heath disorders. It is often utilized by family members from out of state whose son or daughter has relapsed or left treatment in Florida “against medical advice.”  Passed in 1993, the Marchman Act permits an ex parte petition to be filed and reviewed by the Court so that an individual can be located, picked up and placed into a receiving facility within hours of the team at Drug and Alcohol Attorneys being contacted.  

“We receive dozens of calls each month from frantic parents trying to locate their kids and get them into treatment or back into treatment before it’s too late,” said Astor.  “Navigating the Marchman Act without an attorney who specializes in this work can be a laborious process and can take several days, which unfortunately can be too late to save the family member.  “We work within the law to expedite the process, track down the family member and get them help within the day.”

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