FARC as political alternative: Londono

Rodrigo Londono, the leader of Leftist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, a guerilla movement operating in Latin America, told a media channel that his organization is in the process of putting its rifles and guns away but will continue to be a political organization with real membership. He said that the movement, also known as FARC, will start a political movement and will become a viable alternative in Colombia.

Peace agreement and rejection

Rodrigo Londono, aka Timoleon Jiminez had the goal of attaining a peace deal from the time he was appointed as the FARC top leader in November 2011. His dreams have now become a reality. A peal deal was finally signed between FARC and Juan Manuel Santos, the President of Colombia in the final weeks of September.

There is a problem. This agreement thrashed out for a period of nearly four years have rejected by more than 50 percent of the Colombian voters. The outcome is that Londono has been placed smack middle in a maelstrom of controversy. The FARC leader said that the unexpected adverse result in the plebiscite is generating awareness in Colombian people. According to Londono, the overwhelming majority represents the hope that there will be change but it will be achieved only through raising the awareness and generation of political culture. Real education and not misinformation should be provided. These must be the principal goals of FARC as political organization functioning within the democratic system in Colombia.

Justice must be done

A substantial number of Colombians have opposed the peace deal as they believe that top FARC leaders may escape justice even after multiple years of extremely violent confrontations. The rebel group insists that they will subject themselves to a special justice tribunal as agreed for with the government. Londono added that the peace deal is being made to heal past wounds. The truth behind all the violent events will be investigated by a commission. Its goal is to search for justice and also offer suitable reparations to the conflict victims.

The view taken by Jiminez is that the peace deal must be protected and to protect it, it should be implemented. Both FARC and Santos administration have consented to adjust this deal so that it could be effective as quickly as possible.

The FARC commander said that the organization expects its members to actively participate in politics. He said that every combatant in the movement is free to take a decision whether to stay within its fold or not. Londono added that he expects that members will continue to be in the party.

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