Farming the Future and Feeding the World: Silicon Valley Forums Seeds of Our Future Program Returns for a Third Year

Silicon Valley Forum today announced their upcoming AgTech immersion
program “The
Seeds of Our Future: Innovating Global AgTech,” to be held August 27
– August 30th, 2018, in Silicon Valley and Northern California. Since
the inaugural event in 2016, “The Seeds of Our Future” has gathered
attendees from all over the world for a one-week journey through
innovative farms and companies to examine agricultural challenges on a
local and global scale.

Seeds of Our Future’ is a great opportunity to learn first-hand
about the intersection between agriculture and new technology,” said
Denyse Cardozo, CEO of Silicon Valley Forum. “AgTech is a huge
initiative for us here at Silicon Valley Forum—it fosters a unique
connection between time-honored knowledge and bold new methods, because
it requires past and future to work in harmony. It’s a delicate balance,
and every year at our annual ‘Seeds of Our Future’ immersion program, we
take an up-close look at successful solutions already in practice, right
from the very fields where they’re being implemented.”

The program will also feature global AgTech experts to share unique
perspectives and key insights. A few key participants this year include George
Kellerman, COO at Yamaha Motor Ventures (a premier partner of the
event); Nolan Paul, R&D at Driscoll’s; and Danny Royer,
VP of Technology at Bowles Farming Company. Conference speakers include Karen
Ross, Secretary of the California Department of Food and Agriculture
and Peter Wren-Hilton, Executive Director of Agritech New
Zealand, among many others.

Motor Ventures & Laboratory Silicon Valley is excited to be the
premier partner for a second time on ‘The Seeds of Our Future,’” said
George Kellerman, COO and General Partner. “It’s always exciting to see
collaboration potential with both growers and entrepreneurs from around
the world, and to explore new methods and new innovation right from the
fields where they’re being implemented. The growing relationship between
technology and agriculture is filled with potential, and we’re excited
to be a part of such a fast-growing ecosystem.” In addition to Yamaha
Motor Ventures, “The Seeds of Our Future” welcomes Driscoll’s
as a Silver Sponsor, as well as numerous international and community

About the event:

Seeds of Our Future” Agtech Immersion Program will be held August 27
– 29, 2018, and will tour through a variety of locations in San
Francisco, Silicon Valley, and the Central Valley. Program tickets
automatically include entrance to the full-day conference on August 30,
2018, at Forager
in downtown San Jose, CA. Attendees may choose to attend the full
program or the conference only—both ticket types and more information
are available at the event

If you’d like to bring a delegation or inquire about group discounts,
email Jonathan Hua at
Farmers and Growers are invited to attend the conference for free—click
here for details.

About Silicon Valley Forum:

At Silicon Valley Forum, we believe in the transformative power of
entrepreneurship. We’ve dedicated the last 35 years to helping people
learn how to build a business the Silicon Valley way, with a focus on
creativity and innovation, using technology to bring society towards a
better future. Whether you’re trying to create a company here or build
your own Silicon Valley at home, our events and our online portal light
the way for you to learn and grow as a 21st century entrepreneur.

Throughout our 35-year history, we’ve created thousands of successful
events, programs, and conferences that educate, train, inspire and
connect technologists, entrepreneurs, corporates, investors, innovation
and startup hubs, and students—in Silicon Valley, throughout the U.S.,
and globally. We organize over 70 different activities per year, have
over 20,000 subscribers/users, and work with over 40 countries worldwide.

Our partners include global leaders like Accenture, IBM, Microsoft,
Mercer, and SAP, just to name a few, as well as leading venture capital
firms and service providers. Silicon Valley Forum is a fully independent
501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

For more information, visit our website at

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