FBI Director Comey Dismissal Ignites Political Storm

President Donald J.Trump of the United States set off a hurricane in the US politics on May 9 when he sacked James Comey, the Director of Federal Bureau of Investigation. The reason given is that the law enforcement head botched the handling of Hillary Clinton's email scandal. The latter was a Democratic Party nominee for the US presidency. This presidential move stunned Washington. Democrats were suspicious that Trump was trying to kill an FBI investigation involving Russia. This was vehemently denied by White House officials. They denied any kind of political motive.

Democrat response

Andrew McCabe, the deputy director of the FBI, became the acting director. According to the White House, the Trump administration have already started the search for a new and permanent Bureau director.

Although a number of Democrats have publicly criticized Comey on his management of the investigation into the Clinton email fiasco, they are said to be troubled by President Trump's timing when he sacked the FBI chief. This was echoed by Senator Richard Burr, a Republican and chairman of Senate Intelligence Committee. This administrative body oversaw the investigation into interference by Russia during the election. He said in his statement that he was also much troubled by the timing the President terminated Comey's services. He said that this dismissal is a great loss for the Bureau and also for the nation as a whole.

Trump fired Comey after Sally Yates, the acting Attorney General, told the Senate panel of her informing Trump on January 26 that Michael Flynn, the former National Security Adviser, was at a great risk of blackmail. Russians may have a leverage over him as he has given untruthful answers concerning his discussions with Sergei Kislyak, the Russian ambassador. The President sacked Flynn 18 days after this report.


President Trump, in his letter to Comey, which was subsequently released by White House officials, said that it is important to find new leadership which will take over the FBI. The person will restore confidence and public trust in its extremely important law enforcement mission. Trump, in his letter, told Comey that he has accepted the recommendation made by Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General, that the FBI Director is now incapable of offering an effective leadership. It was the former US President Barack Obama, from the Democratic Party, who had appointed Comey to the Director's post in the year 2013.

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