FBI Raid on Michael Cohen threatens to undermine Republicans in upcoming Elections

Michael Cohen, President Trump's personal attorney, was subject to an FBI raid, the revelations of which has managed to send waves of shock through the ranks of Republican leaders. Michael Cohen has served as Trump's attorney for quite a long time.

The raid seems to have detrimental effects as Democrats seem to be planning a surprise in line with the mid-term elections to be held in the month of November this year.

The FBI raid on Cohen’s home and office

Earlier this week, the FBI raided Michael Cohen's home and office. The political operatives that have been on the Grand Old Party or GOP agenda of Congress leaders have been shaken.

Not much of the matter can be revealed to the public in order to maintain the anonymity in preparation for the upcoming elections. Republicans are now plagued by the fear that the incident in all likeliness may cause voters to favor the Democrats rather than the GOP agenda. This is a dangerous situation considering that the mid-term elections are right on the doorstep.

Strategists are extremely worried about the current state of things.

Strategists also fear about how the President might react to the situation considering that earlier, he had fired Robert Mueller, who initiated the raid and Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General who signed the documents permitting the raid.

Earlier this week, after the news of the raid was out, Trump criticized the move and dubbed it an attack on the nation.

Strategists are currently monitoring the situation as closely as possible, but there are so many facts that are still unknown, and this is cause for concern. Republicans have been asked to stay away from the issue as much as possible until November.

Republicans have maintained silence over the issue and no opinions have been so far expressed regarding the raid.

Republican supporters have said that Cohen was never a person to break the law and is fiercely loyal to the President.

Michael Cohen has declined to comment about the entire situation as did his close supporters.

What does the raid mean for Democrats?

For the Democrats, the raid is a positive indicator that they may possibly be able to get voters on their side. The situation has managed to reveal that perhaps President Trump and his office are out of control and this has put the Republicans in a very delicate position.

Even before the hue and cry over the raid, a recent survey has shown that a majority of voters hope that the win goes to the Democratic party rather than the Republicans.

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