FBI Reopens Probe into Hillary Clinton Emails Fiasco ahead of US Presidential Election

With voting just a week away, the FBI has delivered a jolt to Hillary Clinton’s claim to the White House as it has decided to pursue further investigations in to Clinton’s alleged gross neglect in using a private server for exchanging both personal and work-related emails during her tenure in the office of the Secretary of State during the Barack Obama administration. This time, however, some new emails have been discovered in the light of investigations in a case unrelated to the original Hillary Clinton email server investigation.

While some have questioned the timing of the announcement just prior to the Presidential Election Day on November 8th, 2016, others have others have questioned the FBI’s earlier clean chit to her instead of indicting her despite proof of gross negligence that could have compromised the country’s internal security.

What did the FBI find in the latest round of investigations?

FBI director James Comey has said that although the provenance of the new cache of emails seized from a close aid of Hillary is “unrelated” to the original Clinton email investigations, it has now come to light that these emails are “pertinent” to the investigations.

A laptop that belonged to former Congressman Anthony Weiner whose now estranged wife Huma Abedin is a close aid of Mrs. Clinton, has been seized by the FBI agents in a case in which Weiner has been indicted of sending emails to a 15 year old minor girl, a resident of North Carolina, with sexually explicit messages and innuendoes. The laptop, which is believed to have been used by both Weiner and Abedin, have over 650000 emails and over thousands of them have either been sent to or had been received from Mrs. Clinton’s private server.

Those who are in the know of how the FBI functions have predicted at least weeks before it can be established whether these emails were sent or received by Clinton in her personal capacity or whether they were work-related.

Mr. James Comey, Director of the FBI has said in a statement that investigations were on to check whether information of classified nature have been exchanged from this laptop to Clinton’s private server or not.

What this means for Hillary Clinton’s campaign

Hillary Clinton has appeared confident in the face of the latest controversy surrounding her now infamous private e-mail server and has said that she hoped that the truth will emerge and be placed in the public domain soon. She has also said that she was confident that the latest investigations won’t change the status of the earlier clean chit handed over to her by the FBI.

Many believe that this has given Donald Trump the springboard to bounce back into the running despite his recent loss of support in recent polls. However, others are less excited and believe that the latest revelations won’t shift the loyalty of Democrat support to Trump. However, the percentage of turnout of the Democrat supporters might be reduced or some votes may now go to other candidates in the race.

Some pundits have also predicted that the election can see a closer race to the finish line than was earlier believed and may even throw up a surprise result.

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