FDA Approves Modern Medical Technology

Biotricity Inc. (OTCQB: BTCY) is a modern medical technology company focused on delivering innovative, remote biometric monitoring solutions to the medical and consumer markets, including diagnostic and post-diagnostic solutions for chronic conditions and lifestyle improvement. Medical Device Daily, The Daily Medical Technology News Source discussed Biotricity’s tap into the ‘treasure trove’ of clinically-useful data. 

Biotricity just received 510(k) clearance from the FDA for its Bioflux HRVM, a key component of a solution the company now plans to catapult into the consumer-based, fetal monitoring and sleep apnea markets. According to the company’s founder and CEO Waqaas Al-Siddiq, “No one’s really bringing in a monitoring device and putting it into the hands of a consumer for disease management… The closest would be a diabetic with a glucometer, and even that is primarily a feedback mechanism, not a chronic management tool.”

David Liepert, a researcher who just completed a four-month study at the University of Calgary, said in an interview to Medical Device Daily that the key to the technology is to be able to differentiate heart rate variabilities. About Bioflux he said, “What we’re really excited about is the linkage of the information about your internal physiology we get from HRVM with the information we get about your daily activities as you’re recovering from surgery or disease. As you’re asleep and awake, as you’re eating, moving around and going through your day,”

Over the last couple of years and through 2016, Biotricity has performed clinical studies that have found the Bioflux to be beneficial to health care practitioners and patients. Biotricity has also partnered with AT&T (NYSE: T) with the purpose of providing a near real time transmission of data from its devices to physicians.  

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