Federal Bureaucracy and Donald Trump

It is nearly a year since Trump got elected as the President of America. During his campaign, Trump had pledged to gradually bring down the restriction imposed by the federal bureaucracy and it seems as though he is determined to stick to his word.

The loss of jobs and the hiring freeze

An analysis of the federal personnel data showed that most Cabinet agencies had terminated many of its permanent employees after Trump took office.

Trump has also laid out some spending cuts that have reportedly slowed down the overall spending in multiple departments. The White House has announced chances of even deeper spending cuts in the year 2019 in order to fund the new tax law. This could adversely affect the pay raises federal employees have been receiving over the years whenever the economy was doing well. Such efforts by the Trump administration are creating a hum of controversy among federal workers. These controversies may be justified as federal workers now face the risk of losing their jobs in the current situation. New rules and restrictions are being laid out by supervisors that threaten poor performers with dire consequences. In addition to losing jobs, a hiring freeze has also been dominating ever since Trump took office. The hiring freeze combined with the termination of federal employees has left several offices without enough staff and still others without leaders. The president of the National Treasury Employees Union, Tony Reardon says that morale has reached an all-time low and that the Government is becoming less appealing as an employer with each passing day.


What the Trump administration has to say

The Trump administration, on the other hand, argues that there has been a boost in morale ever since Trump became president and they even claim that agencies have shown progress according to a survey conducted in the spring. They say that the government needs to be leaner and more effective and that all steps are being taken to achieve this.

The new developments have proved to be quite interesting and exciting for Conservatives like Grover Norquist, an anti-tax activist who support a smaller government.

Developments that have taken place after Trump took office

The new rules imposed by the Trump administration has resulted in the Census Bureau losing over 1000 employees, and with the Environmental Protection Agency losing nearly 508 employees. Further, the Internal Revenue Service lost 6,801 of its permanent staff members in the past nine months.

Trumps' moves have affected the recruitment of young talent into the government because of the hiring freeze. The hiring freeze has rendered The Presidential Management Fellowship unable to place top graduates.

Many others live in the fear of losing their jobs. In addition, Trump has only elected 240 of the 624 political positions that are key to carrying out his vision.

It seems as though the Trump era and the concept of accountability will soon result in retaliation out of fear.

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