Fellow Democrat Criticizes Pelosi on ‘Make U.S. White Again’ Comment

On Sunday, the senator of West Virginia, Joe Manchin, reportedly criticized Nancy Pelosi, leader of the House of Democrats for her dismissal of a recent immigration plan. She termed it as a policy aimed at ‘making the U.S. white again’.

Manchin said that they did not need this sort of rhetoric from anybody, including Nancy or Paul Ryan, Manchin leads a bilateral Senate group that works on immigration.

Dreamers can hope for citizenship

On Thursday, senior officials in the White House drew out the new immigration plan which would provide a citizenship route to over 1.5 million unregistered migrants who came to the country as children. Also termed as Dreamers, these people received protection from deportation owing to an Obama-administration program called ‘Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals’ or DACA. This program was rescinded by Trump in September 2017.

The proposal is also aimed at curbing certain official immigration programs while creating a border partition with Mexico. According to the proposal, the measures would require a “trust fund” amounting to $25 billion.

According to Pelosi, the proposal will make the people under the DACA program prisoners of a revolting anti-immigration scheme. She also accused the administration of attempting to make the nation white again.

Democrats have no interest in DACA

Trump sent out a tweet later on Saturday saying that he had offered the Dreamers a brilliant deal. There was a doubling of the count of recipients in addition to a 12-year route to citizenship. The two reasons behind the scheme were these: 1) the Republicans were looking to repair a long impending appalling issue 2) to prove that the Democrats weren’t looking to resolve DACA; they only wanted to use it.

Trump pushed the point that Democrats weren’t keen on border security and safety or even in the rebuilding and funding of the nation’s military. Instead, they only wanted to put obstructions in the path of progress.

The president gave another view at ‘Meet the Press’, hosted by NBC on Sunday, saying that the plan chartered out by the White House was a great starting point. In his comments, he spoke about the disagreements among the Democrats before the February 8 deadline wherein the Congress has to pass an additional spending bill, while attempting to arrive at an immigration deal which would safeguard the DACA beneficiaries from being deported.

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