Five Year Finding for PEP Continued

The Prison Entrepreneurship Program (PEP) and Securus Technologies have jointly announced a funding commitment of five years by the latter. An exclusive agreement has also been signed to expand rehabilitation support and re-entry to society help for both inmates and also their families. Securus is a known name for criminal and civil justice technology solutions. The PEP program began in 2004.

Working with felons

The PEP is an independent non-profit entity. It has pioneered a number of innovative programs which tie the top executives of the nation, MBA students, and entrepreneurs with convicted felons. The boot camp for entrepreneurship and excellent re-entry programs have proved to combat chances of recidivism and maximize self-sufficiency. Lives which were previously destroyed were refreshed by this program. PEP offers real-world value-centric business skills and unparalleled resources to inmates. These will make sure that they have the required tools, support structure, and the skills to lead productive, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

Clients of PEP get immersed in a program made of personalized training with chosen executive volunteers. Seasoned professionals do business plan mentoring. There are competitive business plan sessions to find the best venture. It is so good that independent professionals have described it as a mini-MBA program. This is because the coursework provides rich information and follows a rigorous pace. The program is not easy. Students are required to learn new skills, work hard, and think hard. The alumni are supported even after they graduate.

PEP and Securus

PEP builds more than business acumen and skills. The course brings transformative and positive changes to students, communities, and associated families. According to Richard A. Smith, the CEO and Chairman of Securus Technologies, PEP is an ideal partner as the program created by them offers excellent and effective training. Such training stops recidivism. The students enjoy spectacular results. The PEP program represents a kind of revolution in the manner inmates in jails and prisons get coached and also counseled.

Securus Technologies works out of Dallas, Texas. It serves multiple corrections, public safety, and law enforcement agencies. More than 1,200,000 inmates across the United States have passed through its programs. The company is fully committed to connect and serve by offering emergency response, biometric analysis, incident management, information management, and also monitoring services among others to make the world a much safer place. In partnership with PEP, it has delivered exceptional results.

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