Florida Governor pushes through proposal barring support to Maduro

Venezuela has been in the eye of a storm for the past weeks and the situation does not seem to be improving any. Meanwhile, many global leaders have made their stance felt on the violence that is ongoing in that country via protests against the government. Clearly indicating his stance against governor Maduro in Venezuela, Florida's governor Rick Scott had put forth a proposal to stop future investments in Maduro's support. The proposal has met with approval.

No intention of directly supporting Maduro in any way

Rick Scott's opinion on the matter is crystal clear now. He is not going to support Governor Maduro in any way. It is in line with this stance of his that he made his proposal to stop Florida's pension plan from making any direct investment that can back Maduro's regime in any way. Florida's pension plan is quite voluminous and it encompasses some $150 billion worth of funds which is a big deal for a smaller economy like Venezuela's.

A symbolic gesture

However, it is necessary to note that right now, the Florida pension plans do not include any investment in Venezuela and it is not likely that any such will be made in the near future. This shows that the ban is more symbolic than anything else. Scott is keen to show that he does not support Maduro's political moves in any way and this proposal is his way of underlining that. Governor Scoot has described the proposal as a 'step in the right direction'.

No sanctions imposed

Scott's move has not appeased everyone though. He has been facing criticism for going back on his earlier promise of preventing companies that do business with Maduro from having business relationships with Florida. The fact that no sanctions have been imposed on businesses along with Scott's proposal is adding to this dissent. Scoot has justified his stance with his proposal and said that his goal is not to avoid business with Maduro, not with the people of Venezuela. He went on to explain that companies that have business dealings there have relationships with the people there not with Maduro.

He has said that critics of his policy measures have not done anything concrete in this matter whereas he has brought in the proposal. While he has found support among his colleagues, it is not universal by any extent.

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