Florida voter deadline extended, judge rebukes Scott

Mark Walker, the US District Judge, ordered an extension for a day the deadline of voter registration in Florida so as survivors of Hurricane Matthew is not disenfranchised. Florida is counted as the biggest swing state in the United States. The judge also indicated that a few of the voter registration laws in Florida could be unconstitutional.

Politics and constitution

Scott was sued by Democrats in Florida along with the latter’s top elections official on October 9 as the two had not extended the deadline. According to Scott, people had sufficient time to register before an on the deadline. When asked about the consequence of such decisions, Scott replied that it was politics. The judge could further extend period if he considered necessary.

Judge Walker, a President Obama appointee, said that it is incredulous that voter registration deadline extension concerns politics. He was appointed by the president to Northern District of Florida. He said that there was a suggestion of politics being the main reason for the extension of the deadline-which is far away from the truth. The fact is that these case concerns the right of all aspiring voters. The time is needed for them to register and have votes counted. He added that voting is fundamental to any democracy.

Allison Tant, the chairperson of the Florida Democratic Party, said that her party members were thrilled with such a ruling. She added that the Democrats look forward to present their case on October 12 for the extension of voter registration deadline. She did not forget to add that this development is a win for all Florida residents.

State power limitations

On October 11, Scott’s office quickly released a statement which emphasized that the state does not have the necessary power to extend such deadlines. The statement confirmed that the state will comply with such an order. Jackie Schultz, Communications director to the governor, said that the state will do whatever the court says and also discuss with Legislative members the possible amendments to the current law during upcoming legislative session.

This ruling could affect the presidential race for White House. Donald Trump, the presidential candidate for the Republican Party, cannot win the presidential race without the support of Florida. Although Hillary Clinton, the Democrat, is a little ahead in swing state, the Democrats desperately needs the support of every voter present in the state. The voter registration drive is thus of great importance.

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