Flynn to face turbulence in White House


There were doubts whether Michael Flynn, the Trump administration’s National Security Adviser, would be forced to resign from his post. This matter of doubt is significant as even after a choppy 72 hour period, he did not deny that the spoke about sanctions to be imposed on Russia with Sergey Kislak, the Russian Ambassador to Washington prior to Donald J. Trump ascending the presidency. It is clear that Flynn should not assume that his days with the Trump administration will be in perpetuity. Nothing is sure in the new turn of events.

Discussion under fire

Officials in the Trump administration now believe that Flynn actually spoke to Kislak, the Russian ambassador on the matter of sanctions. The two also spoke on other matters as well. The conversation took place during a December 2016 call. This flatly contradicts what was said earlier by the White House.

United States Vice President Mike Pence was sure that Flynn did not discuss sanctions imposed on Russia by Obama administration. The VP said that nothing was discussed on the subject of the decision made by the United States to impose censure on Russia. It is to be mentioned that Trump is loyal to Flynn. The latter supported from the start of the former’s presidential campaign- and not after he won the election.

Whatever happened, Trump’s team was unable to defend the National Security Adviser on February 12. This surrender was revealed even when many officials in the White House blamed the fiasco on the culture in Washington. The capital looks out for someone to blame- and in this case, Flynn makes the perfect target.

Criticism and defense

When asked about the future of Flynn in the Trump era, Stephen Miller, the director of policy in the White Gouse, replied that the question should be asked someone else and not him. This answer is clearly not an endorsement the Trump administration would actually liked to have said.

Others were much more harder on Flynn. Chris Christie, the New Jersey Governor, and one of Trump’s longer time allies, said in a media interview that Flynn must clarify all matters with President Trump and Vice President Pence. A spokesperson for the White House had defended the National Security Advisor. He has poked a number of holes when it came to the criticism among the NSA’s detractors. He said that there is no reason a career military man with rich experience in intelligence will wreck his career simply by having a discussion which he clearly could surmise was recorded.

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