Ford and Lyft teaming up to create Self Driving Taxis

According to Business Insider, American auto manufacturer, Ford Motors Co. (NYSE: F) is teaming up with Lyft to deploy self driving vehicles for the ride hailing service’s network.

The partnership between the two companies will develop technology that will allow Ford models to be able to communicate with Lyft through the application. Ford models will be connected to Lyft’s network, said Sherif Marakby, Ford's vice president for autonomous vehicles.

Marakby also told Reuters that, “We’re not building prototypes for the sake of building prototypes,” and saying that Ford plans to build thousands of autonomous vehicles.

Marakby wrote in a blog post: "Think of it this way: Someday, when you open the Lyft app during a period of high demand, Ford and Lyft software will need to be capable of quickly dispatching a self-driving vehicle so that you can get to your destination as quickly and as safely as possible."

This isn’t the first team Ford has teamed up with another company in the joint efforts for autonomous vehicles. In August, Marakby announced that Ford and Domino's Pizza will be working together to deploy self driving pizza delivery cars. The two companies launched the first ones in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

This also is not the first partnership Lyft has. The company has a partnership with other giants like Alphabet’s self driving unit, Waymo. There are also other companies such as GM that have a stake within the company. GM is planning to launch its own self driving ride service. GM said a statement regarding Ford’s announcement that Ford and Lyft’s collaboration will not affect GM’s production, as it is racing to be the first one to deploy the vehicles.

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