Ford Motor Plans to Test Self-Driving Vehicle Technology in 2018


Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) announced that it plans to test self-driving vehicle technology in various programs with partners such as Lyft and Domino’s Pizza Inc.

The test will begin in 2018 in at least one city, according to the company. Ford said that it still didn’t make a decision on whether to operate its own on-demand transportation service.

Last week, its rival General Motors announced plans to introduce its own on-demand ride-sharing service in several cities in the United States in 2019. GM said that it would use self-driving versions of Chevrolet Bolt.

Additionally, Ford Motor also planned to build a new electric vehicle in Mexico rather than in Michigan, which would free up capacity at its Flat Rock, Michigan. Ford Motor will add investment from $700 million to $900 million, and increase 850 jobs.

The company would build its first autonomous-drive vehicle in Michigan plant, which would be a gas-electric hybrid model capable of operating 20 hours a day.

“You're starting to see the foundation of Ford's bet on A-V's (autonomous-drive vehicles). We're very excited about what we are doing,” said Jim Farley, the president of global markets of Ford Motor. “While others are focusing on A-V's for ride-hailing, our business model will be much more diverse. We'll move people and goods.”

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