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Ford Recalls 1.2 Million Explorers

Ford Motors Company (NYSE: F) on Wednesday announced it is recalling 1.2 million of the widely popular Ford Explorer SUV. The automaker said model years 2011-2017 will be recalled due to a suspension issue.

The Company recently discovered the possibility of a fractured rear suspension which could lead to the loss of steering control. There have been no reported injuries related to the defect, according to Ford. Dealers will replace rear suspension toe links and align the rear suspension of affected vehicles.

Ford anticipates the Explorer recall to cost the Company around USD 180 Million.

Some of Ford’s other vehicles are also at risk to a similar failure involving fractured rear toe links, including models from the Company’s luxury division, Lincoln. These models include the 2010-2017 Ford Taurus, 2010-2017 Flex crossover, 2009-2016 Lincoln MKS and the 2010-2017 Lincoln MKT crossover.

Similar to the Explorer, Ford said dealers will replace the faulty toe links.

A third recall issued by the Company includes the 2013 model-year Ford F-150 pickup truck. The F-150, equipped with a faulty six-speed automatic transmission gearbox, could unintentionally downshift into first gear. This is an outcome related to a previous recall of the F-150 in which the model may have received an incomplete software update. According to Ford, the software “did not have the updates necessary to prevent a potential unintended downshift into first gear or the updates necessary to ensure illumination of the malfunction indicator light in the event of an intermittent transmission output speed sensor signal.”   

The last recall issued by the Company includes the 2009-2016 models of Ford’s Econoline trucks. The recall notice reported the Econoline transmission’s clutch component may have had faulty welds that could fail, preventing the vehicle from moving. These affected models are commonly used as ambulances or school buses.