Former Bozeman Legislator seeks Montana Seat

Chris Pope, who once served as a representative from Bozeman during 2015 Legislature, has expressed his wish to stand again for a Montanta House seat. The last time he competed, in 2016, he lost to Representative Jon Knokey, a GOP nominee. Pope's present confidence stems from the fact that he believes that the race this time will boil down to the party fundamentals.

Present work

Pope pointed out that the taxpayers find the infrastructure projects to be expensive as every Legislature kicks the applicable projects in the future. He assured that this will not be the case if he gets elected. He will concentrate on Bozeman and the area's unique challenges. The roads will be improved and the infrastructure expanded in tandem with the burgeoning population.

Pope, in his public engagements, said that the GOP vision to compress government has put a lot of pressure and immense burden on local schools. The local government is also negatively affected. The Democrat said that there is now a real schism between the voters on the choice of governance. The Democrat said that there is an urgent need in the state government to partner both big and small communities. The state, according to him, could also develop a certain schedule for a number of infrastructure projects like water supplies and sewer upgrades. There should also be improvements in the public road conditions. Money generated from collaboration could be leveraged for improved bonds' interest rates.  There is an urgent requirement on how to fund a wide number of projects.

Financing the good

Pope did not hesitate to say that it is reassuring to find that the state continues to be fiscally healthy. He said that if fiscal prudence is maintained by the state, then significant benefits could be had. The role of state government is to maintain and improve the quality of life in the light of environment, education, and health-care. The Democrat said that he would also promote disability infrastructure in Bozeman public schools.

Pope, during his time as a representative during 2015 legislative session, sponsored a particular bill which would have permitted funding for disabled students until they reach 21 years of age or they complete high school. The state law stops all funding for such students when they reach 18 years old. The former Legislator mentioned that he would want to reintroduce this specific bill. This would permit the students to enjoy independent living. They can also hold a job.

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