Former Canadian Lieutenant-Governor charged with Exceeding Political donation restrictions

Henry N.R. Jackman, who previously held the post of Ontario lieutenant-governor, has been formally charged with a total of six counts of intentionally exceeding the limits of political donations. He has contributed in excess of what is legally possible to present Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He also have hefty donations to another candidate during the time of the 2013 era Liberal leadership contest.


When it comes to Jackman, he was a federal fundraiser for a long period of time for Progressive Conservatives. Brian Mulroney, the Prime Minister of Canada during the early 1990s appointed him Ontario's lieutenant governor in 1991. Jackman will hold on to that role until 1997.

Jackman, popularly known as Hal, face charges dating from 2008 and ending at 2013. These were written by Yves Cote the Canada elections commissioner. The public prosecutions requested the same. Cole did not discuss minute details about these charges. This includes the many where there is an influence of political parties. The commissioner spokesperson said that the funds were provided to a number of parties, including their riding associations along with the candidates. The commissioner enjoys the discretion to tackle any kind of infraction related to Canadian Elections Act. The holder of the post can issue due letters of caution or have the power to conclude the compliance agreements. The latter involves the offender admitting responsibility publicly for breaking laws. However, there will be no record of conviction.

Appeasing both sides of the fence

The contributions database of Elections Canada shows that he has provided generously for many years top both Liberal and Conservative parties. He also gave money to candidates of both parties and their riding associations. The $1,200 donation to Trudeau was among those donations. It was provided during the Liberal leadership contest in 2013. Jackman also made an equal amount donation to Deborah Coyne, a rival leadership contender. This forms the basis of sixth charges made against the guy. It states that with a period starting from December 1, 2012 and continuing until December 31, 2013, he intentionally donated to the contestants. This amount exceeded the $1,200 maximum allowable contribution.

No explanation was provided by commissioner's office on the matter of why Cote has selected to formally press charges against Jackman. The latter is 84 year old. The website of the commissioner elaborates that the choice of dealing with problems is dependent on seriousness of acts, sophistication level of alleged offender, level of co-operation provided by alleged offender and prevalence of offense types involved.

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