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Former FDA Chief Calls for Federal Reckoning on Vape Products

Scott Gottlieb, former FDA Commissioner told CNBC on Monday that the government has to regulate cannabis & nicotine vaping products as there are 450 ongoing cases and five deaths from a “mysterious lung disease” linked vaping. 

After most patients reporting that they vape both THC and nicotine, Gottlieb said in a Squawk Box interview, “People who are vaping nicotine and having these reactions probably are vaping illegal products that are counterfeit.  We have to have a federal reckoning here.” 

The states allowing recreational use of cannabis “don’t have proper oversight, so these illegal vapes are getting on to the market.”

The exact cause between vaping and painful lung conditions remain unknown, health officials warn people not to use e-cigarettes.  Gottlieb also mentioned that these illnesses could be linked to illegal vapes containing vitamin E oil, which is used as a combining agent and is dangerous when inhaled. 

Last week, Friday, the FDA claimed to have tested multiple samples with THC as part of their investigation, where most of these samples with THC contained noteworthy amounts of THC.

“Consumers are urged to avoid buying vaping products on the street and to refrain from using THC oil or modifying [or] adding any substances to products purchased in stores,” the Food and Drug Administration said in a statement.

These products are sold but not regulated by the FDA since they don’t involve nicotine vaping products derived from tobacco.  “These are falling within a regulatory gap,” said Gottlieb, allowing the black market to boom with poor quality products.