Former Mayor of Stockton Arrested

Former Mayor of Stockton, Anthony Silva, was arrested at the San Francisco International Airport. He was returning to the country after a vacation in South America. He is facing charges of embezzlement, profiteering, and misappropriation of public funds among others.

Search warrants served

The FBI in conjunction with San Joaquin District Attorney’s office investigators served search warrants at Silva’s home and a club that Silva used to run earlier when it was known under a different name. However, Silva was not present in the country when this took place as he had already left on his vacation to South America. The ex- mayor has also faced charges earlier, last year, in Amador County where he was accused of eavesdropping during a strip poker party. This incident allegedly occurred at a youth camp that the mayor ran. He has been on the wrong side of the law even before when he failed to report the theft of two guns from his home. Later, one of the guns was used in a fatal shooting, following which Silva reported the theft.

Allegations of stealing thousands of dollars

According to prosecutors, the accused ex- Mayor stole quite a substantial sum, running into hundreds of thousands of dollars. The funds were supposed to be used for a youth club. The Deputy District Attorney for San Joaquin County, Robert Himelblau, this theft took place sometime between the years 2010 and 2014. The funds were received from the Boys and Girls Club of America and were earmarked for the operation of the Stockton Boys and Girls Club, as it was known back then. However, a good portion of the funds were diverted into Silva’s bank accounts, it is believed.

Apart from this charge, Silva also faces charges of misusing the credit card issued by the club to pay for his personal expenses. Trips to locations like South Lake Tahoe and Philippines were funded using these credit cards, it is alleged. The investigation has also uncovered that Silva had an account on an online dating site and the charges for this service were also added to his club sponsored credit card.

Silva has denied these claims and categorically stated that he has not been guilty of any misappropriation of funds, as claimed. Silva will be represented by attorney Allen Sawyer, who also confirmed the news that the ex- Mayor was arrested at the airport as he returned from a vacation.

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