Former President Carter claims green energy creates jobs


Jimmy Carter, the former President of the United States, said on February 8 that millions of jobs can be created within the country if President Donald J. Trump took to renewable or green energy sources like wind, geothermal and solar power. Incidentally, Carter, who was a president from the Democratic party, was also the first US head of state to install solar panels within the White House grounds. He further added that he hoped the present president will duly consider the proposal.

Human causes

It has been proved by scientific and peer studies that the planet is getting warmer, with the blame being on human activities. Under the Obama presidency, the United States contributed to the development of renewable energy sources like solar. These were made possible through grants made by Department of Energy.

President Donald J. Trump has sent conflicting signals on whether he will combat the warming of the earth and the accompanying rise in the sea levels. The current president met with a number of known climate activists like Leonard DiCaprio and Al Gore during his transition period. He has also appointed oil industry veterans who wants to roll back emission forbidding policies instituted by President Barack Obama.

Catering to Republican palates

In an interview with the media, Carter said that renewable energy can create large number of jobs. This philosophy of employment generation, he continued, tallies largely with the pro-job creation ideology of right wing Republicans. If the GOP members are aware of such job potential creation, they can reconcile the ideologies of those who oppose the global warming concept being as a result of human activity.

The former US president has recently celebrated solar panels installation on his farmland. Carter formerly farmed peanuts in Southwest Georgia. He still owns about 10 acres of farmland in the state. He and Rosalynn Carter, the former First Lady, still calls the place home. He has now leased the land to SolAmerica Energy, an Atlanta-headquartered company which owns, sells and operates power produced from the solar cells. The company has estimated that the project will offer more than 50 percent of total power needed in the local town comprising a population of 755 people. Carter is enthusiastic about the technology. According to him, it showed what one farmer or what a small town can do. He claimed that it is also an excellent source of income as a farmer may get $500 per acre per year by providing some areas of the land to the installation of solar panels.

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