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Fortinet Announces Launch of The Cybercrime Atlas

Fortinet (NASDAQ: FTNT) has announced the launch of the Cybercrime Atlas, an initiative launched in Davos at the company’s Annual Meeting by the World Economic Forum with support of Banco Santander, Fortinet, Microsoft and Paypal. The Cybercrime Atlas will aid law enforcement and government agencies by providing visibility to disrupt cyber criminals in their ecosystem and infrastructure to track and take down cybercriminals and their infrastructure worldwide. “Disrupting global cybercriminal organizations requires a global effort with strong, trusted relationships and collaboration across public and private organizations and industries. It is part of Fortinet’s mission to secure people, devices, and data everywhere, and Fortinet is proud to be one of the founding members of the World Economic Forum Centre for Cybersecurity and an active contributor as part of its Partnership against Cybercrime (PAC). The Cybercrime Atlas initiative is about driving real impact and is a coordinated effort to create a chain of disruption in the world of cybercrime. We are excited to continue our work with private and public sector leaders to help make our digital world a safer place.”

The Cybercrime Atlas will build a comprehensive picture of the cybercrime landscape that covers criminal operations, networks and shared infrastructure.

“Given the global nature of cyberthreats, increasingly public-private collaboration is the best way to combat cybercrime. Organizations must look beyond their perimeter and combine efforts and resources with businesses, law enforcement and government.”

— Dirk Marzluf, Group Chief Operating and Technology Officer, Banco Santander

“This initiative underlines the need for an enhanced multi-sector approach to combat the increasing cybercrime threat. A global solution must include private sector insights to enable law enforcement to prevent, detect, investigate and disrupt cybercrime.”

— Jürgen Stock, Secretary-General, International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL)

“Cybercriminals work in the shadows and exploit vulnerabilities to inflict devastating attacks. The Cybercrime Atlas provides an important forum that brings the public and private sectors together to share actionable information and leverage cross-sector data, capabilities and expertise, crucial to disrupting cybercrime quickly, and at scale.”

— Brad Smith, Vice-Chair and President, Microsoft

“The Cybercrime Atlas is a collaborative research initiative that gathers and collates information about the cybercriminal ecosystem and major threat actors operating today. The insights generated will help promote opportunities for greater cooperation between the private sector and law enforcement to address cybercrime.”

— Jeremy Jurgens, Managing Director, World Economic Forum

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