Fox Poll Reveals that President Gets 42% Favorable Votes

The latest Fox News Poll says that 42% are in favor of Trump in terms of the job he is doing in the White House. 53% are against him. The percentages have skewed slightly when compared with the previous month when it was 41% and 55% respectively. President Trump has never managed to cross the 50% barrier; even his best approval rating was just 48%, which he reached in February.

Vice President fares better

It appears as though Vice President enjoys better support from the voters because his ratings are more impressive than the President's. Mike Pence has achieved a 44% approval rating while only 40% think that he is not a good fit for this post. Among Republicans, about 80% are in favor of the Vice President while 83% support Trump.

Strong disapproval overwhelms strong approval for Trump

Among the voters, another significant trend was noticed in the poll. The number of people who strongly disapprove of Trump is far higher than those who strongly approve of him. The first faction gained nearly 45% votes while the faction of strong supporters had a mere 26% voters in it. It is also important to note that the President has managed to sustain his job rating at a steady level for three months now.

Voters think that Trump may earn their disapproval

The situation may not remain the same though. Many voters believe that the President is likely to do something that could make them revisit their view of him. While half of the voters think that he is likely to earn their disapproval with a new statement or act, only 34% of those who are not in favor of him, at present, think that they may switch sides later on.

Hurricane response draws support

Looking back at which actions of the President seem to have attracted the most number of supporters, it is clear that Trump's response to the hurricanes has met with maximum approval. His job ratings were 60% during this phase while only 31% disapproved of his stance. However, there is no denying that this is one of the very few issues on which his job ratings have been favorable. On almost every single other issue, the President has received very poor ratings. These include the North Korea issue, his stance regarding Iran, the immigrant issue, health care, the Russia investigations, and taxes.

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