Future Projections

The future is extremely hard to envision. It could be an absolute abstraction. This is not a failure of technology. The future cannot be seen. Forecasting the future can thus be a real risk. A wrong forecast can send ripples across time for a much longer period. One example of this is the financial crisis. Cybersecurity threats are another.

Not all technology minded people are futurists. The futurists cannot be counted as oracles. Their job is to find out what is coming. This is stated in possibilities and not in fast and hard predictions. No wonder pred are quite broad. One this is clear though: technology will enter deeper into the world and also into companies and businesses. They will disrupt the manner in which we do things. More opportunities and threats will come our way. The problem is how will it come. Companies can get much better at forecasting not only the coming changes, but may also anticipate the changes they could suffer as a result of such disruptions. To know this, the right questions must be asked.

Assessing future

There is a possibility that your company may lack a codified and formal technique for making predictions concerning the future. However, chances are there will be business strategy in place. These strategies come from stack of assumptions concerning that changes which may come. The assumptions may hit the mark- or not.

Actionable steps

In a functional level, your company already makes assumptions about the future. It is important to know the base on which it is taken. Such determination requires self-examination. It is possible to begin by undertaking the following steps:

–  Analyse your present strategy, in the current time. How good is your team at executing strategies? Consider all execution techniques from your present situation perspective. Determine whether the varying circumstances will make the organization better effective or not.

–  Analyse the current work impact on your customers, team and partners. Find out the obvious places where revenues can be increased or improved.

–  Examine your current capabilities for doing such improvements. Find out the resources and assets available to try anything new.

It is perfectly alright to focus on the present to make assumptions about the future. The majority of people working in companies do not have the time to think about such matters. You simply have to reexamine existing processes to find out the kind of future your present strategy will lead you to.

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