GE Delivers Flight Management Software as it readies the Boeing 737 MAX


GE Aviation today announced the distribution of the new flight management software Update 13 (U13) for the Boeing 737 MAX. The new software will be standard for all 737 MAX production airplanes. “The 737 MAX flight management system is helping operators to reduce costs, while improving performance as it relates to on-time arrivals and less fuel,” said Alan Caslavka, president of Avionics for GE Aviation. “We’ve worked With the Boeing to include new state-of-the-art technologies on the 737 MAX and look forward to the entry into service. “GE Aviation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will be the customary fit For all 737 production airplanes starting with the 737 MAX entry into service in 2017 and will be accessible for in-service installation across 737 fleets.

The U13 flight management software develops on U12 functionality that featured runway situational awareness enhancements and assimilated approach and navigation optimization. U13 provides a number of flight management enhancements to the MAX aircraft including the combination of the CFM LEAP-1B performance model, fuel proficiencies through features like take-off derate thrust options, and enhanced situational awareness through combination with the MAX large area navigational displays. GE’s FMS is installed on more than 12,000 aircraft globally. GE provides flight management systems for the Airbus A320 / 330/340, Boeing 767 and KC-46 Tankers, and US Navy E-6 and P-8A aircraft, USAF E-4 and C-130J, UK C-130J, Spanish Air Force C-130Js and many other aircraft. GE licensed their first flight management computer in November 1984.

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