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General Motors Aims to Reach Optimal Levels by End of June

General Motors (NYSE: GM) CEO, Mary Barra, said Wednesday the company anticipates to be up and running by June. The multinational corporation aims to operate at pre-coronavirus standards upon the set date. 

Barra revealed GM had ramped up all efforts on May 18th to restore production and would be focused specifically on the manufacturing of pickup trucks. 

“This week we’ll continue to add additional shifts in our North America plants, and we think we’ll be close to normal capacity by the end of June, and sooner, if possible” she said in a Wolfe Research automotive conference.

The factory’s focused on producing large pickup trucks, are working three shifts as of Monday, however it is still a ways from its optimal level. One of GM’s Mexican plants, Silao, is still operating at one shift due to the country’s COVID-19 situation according to Jim Cain, a company spokesperson. 

The CEO said the demand for more vehicles was notable. 

“It’s important now, especially with trucks, that we are getting vehicles back online,” Barra said. “There’s very strong demand from our dealers for more vehicles, especially trucks.”

Additionally, Barra revealed GM  is “working with all the stakeholders to develop a responsible plan” in regards to increasing production in Mexico.

Cain refused to note how many plants in North America had been able to reach pre-coronavirus levels though the grand majority of employees are likely to have already returned to work. 

Fiat Chrysler, who employees about 33,350 people within the U.S and 13,700 in Mexico., said that 88% of its North American full-time employees are back to work. On the other hand, Ford Motor did not comment on what percentage of its North American employees had been able to return to work, although the grand majority of its U.S personnel has started back up.