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General Motors Debuts Industry’s First Wireless Battery Management System

General Motors (NYSE: GM) will be the very first automaker to use an almost completely wireless battery management system or wBMS for production electric vehicles.  The wireless system has been developed with Analog Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADI), will be primary driver of GM’s ability to power many different types of electric vehicles from a common set of battery components. 

The wMBS is anticipated to drive GM’s Ultium powered EVs to market faster as the time required to develop specific communications systems is no longer required. 

The wireless battery management system is protected by cybersecurity measures.  Protective features within the hardware and software layers that include protection of wireless communications.

“Scalability and complexity reduction are a theme with our Ultium batteries – the wireless battery management system is the critical enabler of this amazing flexibility,” said Kent Helfrich, GM executive director of Global Electrification and Battery Systems. “The wireless system represents the epitome of Ultium’s configurability and should help GM build profitable EVs at scale.”

“General Motors is paving the way toward an all-electric future, and Analog Devices is proud to work with this highly respected automotive leader on the next generation of electric vehicles,” said Greg Henderson, Analog Devices, Inc. senior vice president of Automotive, Communications, and Aerospace & Defense. “Our collaboration is aimed at accelerating the transition to electric vehicles and a sustainable future.”