General Motors Partners with WiTricity on Wireless Charging Tech

General Motors Company (NYSE: GM) wants to make it easier to charge electric vehicles by cutting the cord. The car manufacturer announced a partnership with WiTricity, a leading developer of wireless charges, to help innovate technology for wirelessly charging electric vehicles.
This could be a potentially ground breaking innovation that will help to further push electric cars into the mainstream. According to a press release, “The system design works across all plug-in electric vehicle platforms and can be deployed as a ‘floor pad’ in a consumer’s garage,” meaning that any vehicle regardless of manufacturer can be charged this way. According to reports, in addition to GM, WiTricity already has licensing agreements with other major manufacturers, including Toyota, as well as Tier 1 parts suppliers like Delphi, TDK, IHI and BRUSA.
Pamela Fletcher, GM executive chief engineer for electrified vehicles, said in a statement, “Wireless charging is a technology that our customers have told us they are interested in… By testing the WiTricity prototype system, we can ensure that wireless charging systems will comply with proposed industry standards, which benefit the entire industry and consumers.”
WiTricity CEO Alex Gruzen explained why such technology is crucial, “”As many as 70% of [plug-in hybrid EV] customers are not bothering to plug in because they have the option to just use gas. That is a waste of the potential to dramatically reduce carbon footprint… We want to make charging seamless and never have a customer postpone charging, or arrive to a car in the morning that they forgot to plug in.”

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