George Will Calls Trump an Amateur

George Will, the conservative columnist, hold the opinion that Donald Trump is a political amateur. He said that the latter has made the error of confusing the crowd size with real electoral support. According to the columnist, Trump was not an ideal candidate for general election. To support his contention, he highlighted wide gulf between votes that Trump has received to win the Republican nomination with votes required to defeat the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. 

Not many votes

Will went off the beaten track to illustrate Trump’s weakness when he said that John Donne was clearly wrong that no man could possibly be an island. It is clear, as per the columnist, Trump is virtually an island and contented to remain so. He pointed out a few governors, like Jeff Flake, a Republican and Senator from Arizona, that Trump receivse 13 million votes when it came to the primaries- and added that the billionaire requires 65 million votes if he is to be a President of the United States. The problem in front of Trump is to acquire the support of 52 million people- a large quantity of votes.

According to Will, TheDonald has made the assumption that his competing in the primaries against the 16 Republican opponents is equal to competing in a longer general election against a competent and flush with money Democratic machine. Trump’s chances are dim as the Democrats have an efficient vote gathering mechanism. The election is going to be of mobilization and not persuasion. 

A majority of Americans have already made their minds up on whom to vote- but it can be a little difficult to mobilize them so they come to the voting booth to vote. Trump, according to Will, thinks that he will win as the crowds are on his side. The reality, the latter points out, that crowds do not represent the American people. Trump has crowed about the crowd size he has attracted and indeed made it one of the pillars of his campaign.

Destroying Republican

Will has spoken out against Trump and also against the Republicans who have supported the real estate businessman. In a Washington Post column, he wrote that the damage done by Donald Trump to the GOP, even though extensive, has only just begun. There will be a growth of Republican leaders supporting Trump- a presidential candidate who is anti-thetical to Republican conservative values. These people will then be ineligible for the reconstruction of the party.

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