German Carmakers to Meet for Emergency Diesel Summit

On Wednesday, German carmakers and politicians are expected to meet in Berlin to discuss new standards for diesel cars over concerns of pollution in Europe’s major cities. They aim to put a stop over a major scandal over the manipulation of emissions testing data as well as agreement to lower emissions of smog causing nitrogen oxides in Germany’s 15 million diesel vehicles.

One of the world’s largest carmakers, Volkswagen, faked emissions testing data and haggled over reducing emissions by improving auto software with the German government which totaled to several hundred million euros. The company installed test cheating software on 11 million vehicles worldwide, 480,000 were installed on diesel Volkswagen and Audi cars.

Additionally, Europe incentivized diesel cars for their fuel efficiency which led to more polluting vehicles. As a result, Paris, Madrid, Athens, and Mexico City said that they will ban diesel vehicles by 2025. France also announced plans to ban all vehicles powered by internal combustion engines which include both gasoline and diesel. Growing sales of hybrid electric and chargeable electric cars are already having a negative impact on market share for diesels in Europe. By 2020, analysts believe that the percentage of diesel cars sold in Europe could drop to 30%.

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