German Parliament on the Cusp of Massive Changes

With the Christian Democratic Union and the Christian Social Union winning 33% of the total votes, the two parties have managed to emerge as the largest group in the parliament. But the emergence of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) as an active contender has turned things upside down here in a most unexpected manner. The AfD is poised to make its parliament entry for the time in history with its 12.6% of the votes.

The majority votes do not match Merkel's expectations

Angela Merkel has won a majority and she will be leading the largest party to sit in the parliament. However, she has much cause to be disappointed after the majority percentage failed to match up to her expectations. The Christian Democratic Union and Christian Social Union combination have lost slightly over 40% in terms of votes when compared with the previous election that was held in 2013. In fact, even the recent polls showed them in better light although the expectations did not translate into actual numbers.

Merkel thankful for the majority

The exit polls had made it quite clear that the results would not exactly match expectations, and following this, Merkel had stated that she was disappointed by the results. However, she also quickly pointed out that the main goals of the parties had been achieved in any case and that was cause for celebration for her. Merkel also went on to say that her party would woo back voters who seemed to have supported the rival AfD this time around.

Coalition party leader to seek re-election

Meanwhile, another ally of Merkel's, the Social Democrats, fared rather badly in the elections, forcing them to review their stance quite from the basics. Martin Schulz, who is the leader of this party, was very disappointed with the 20.5% votes that the party received. Speaking about the results, he said that it was now evident that the party should move to the opposition. He also made it clear that he would want to come back as the leader of the party in the upcoming elections in December.

For the AfD, the election has given much reason for celebration as the party has gained the third position. Being the first right-wing party to sit in parliament in decades, the party has some huge responsibilities to fulfill indeed. In particular, they will have to use their clout to bring in anti-Euro and anti-immigrant policies that have been their trump card in the elections.

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