Germany on high terror alert

Two men, brothers from Kosovo, were detained by German law enforcement on the suspicion that they are planning to attack an Oberhausen shopping center near Dutch border. The brothers are aged 31 years and 28 years were arrested in Duisberg. Germany is still recovering from the December 19 terrorist attack in Berlin. The number of fatalities was 12 until date.

Manhunt for Anis

A man-hunt has been launched across Europe for the Tunisian Anis Amri. He is suspected to be the driver of the lorry which ploughed into Breitscheidplatz Christmas market. According to the police, the actual target of the Oberhausen incident was CentrO shopping center. Officials wearing civilian clothing were dispatched to patrol the Christmas market and the shopping center after they received a tip off from the intelligence services. It remains unknown the stage of advancement of the attack, and the association of others into the incident. No indications exist whether the arrests of December 19 are linked to Berlin attacks.

Amri’s family has urged him to surrender. His brother, Abdelkader Amri, told the media that he and his family wants Anis to surrender. He said that if his brother had really done the killings, then he should be punished. However, he said that he is sure of his brother’s innocence. Abdelkadri said that his brother left their home due to economic imperatives and not for any terrorism related purpose. He admitted, however, that Anis got into severe trouble in Europe for which he was sent to jail. It was in the jail where he was indoctinated.

Fingerprints found

It has been confirmed by German officials that fingerprints of Anis Amri were discovered inside the killer truck. Other than the dozen killings, about 49 others were wounded during the Berlin incident.

Walid, another brother of Anis, said that he spoke to the latter only 10 days before. The latter had said that he hoped to return to his native country Tunisia in January. Walid said that his brother was saving money to return and begin a business.

German police have confirmed that a number of raids have been conducted by its police forces in a number of Berlin locations. Raids were also done in the North Rhine-Westphalia where the suspect lived for a period in his life. The Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel hoped that there would be quick arrests. She also said that she was proud of the German population’s calm and attitude and how they reacted to the bombing news.

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