Get Your Health Record Mobile App Is Game-Changer for Health Care: Revolutionary Nationwide Health Information Exchange Launched by Health Endeavors

Health Endeavors launches Get Your Health Record, a 50-state health
information exchange that provides access to 50 million-plus Medicare
claims history records and 200 million-plus electronic health records.
This is the first and largest national health record exchange app driven
by the patient-provider relationship.

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The patient accesses the exchange using the Get Your Health Record web, iPhone
or Android
app. After syncing their health records using the app, the patient may
share their records with a family member, caretaker or a new doctor.

The provider participates using their Electronic Health Record (EHR)
system or the exchange interface (if no EHR). Payers participate by
having the patient sync their claims history into the app. Providers and
payers may REGISTER
for the exchange or just start participating by coordinating data
exchange with patients who have downloaded the app.

Health Endeavors has released two information booklets on Amazon to
assist patients and providers.

Quality Care Exchange (Providers)

Your Health Record (Consumer)

The exchange is revolutionary as it is nationwide; serves as a quality
measure collection, reporting, and performance scoring
repository that can be remitted to the applicable registry (MIPS, HEDIS,
GPRO); sends actionable data-driven intelligent text
message notifications of disease, wellness and quality
gaps in care (Healthy Activities) to the patient; and generates a
personalized care plan (Your Health). Get Your Health Record also feeds
and integrates the data into the provider’s electronic health record
system using the EHR Connector functionality. In a click of a button,
providers may get their Smart Scorecard – a quick summary of their
quality and financial performance.

“Get Your Health Record is a game-changer for health care. We are closer
than ever to total interoperability and putting data to work for the
patient and provider using data-driven intelligence,” said Kris Gates,
CEO, Health Endeavors.

Endeavors’ Patient-Centered Health Forum will be held November 2,
2018, in Scottsdale, Arizona, to assist health care providers with
launching the exchange for total interoperability, improving quality
measure completion rates and data-driven intelligence.

About Health Endeavors

Health Endeavors is a health care technology company located in
Scottsdale, Arizona, with one vision: put the consumer in control of
their health care record. We’ve developed the first and largest national
health record exchange app driven by the patient-provider relationship.
Health Endeavors is one of the largest providers of technology services
to Medicare Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) with an analytics,
data-driven intelligence, and quality metrics platform. Health Endeavors
was founded in 2008 by private investors. Learn more at

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