Gingrich and health care under the Trump administration


There is a high chance of Newt Gingrich becoming one of Trump’s closest advisers. He has his own views about the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare as it is popularly known. No wonder many political analysts keep note of what he says. His words can be an important pointer to what the health care plan under the Trump administration will be. It is to be noted that Gingrich has earlier advocated for a nation’s population to be insured in its entirety. Ironically, he described Obamacare as unconstitutional during 2012 presidential campaign, having supported the concept in the past.

Republican view

When grilled by reporters, Gingrich gave the reply that the mandates proposed by him was in accordance with Republican free market policies and were viable alternatives to the plan proposed by Hillary Clinton. He also said that while he initially lent his support to what he termed socialized medicine but soon dropped it in favor of tax breaks given to individuals who have -and will- purchase health insurance. This plan of tax breaks will involve unused credits being sent to an uninsured pool. The latter would then use it to cover expenses of the available limited care when they fall ill.

Past achievements

During the presidential campaign trail, Gingrich has repeatedly reminded Americans of his success on Medicare. He claims that his efforts have saved the United States from bankruptcy. His enacted sustainable growth rate formula budget measure has reduced the payments to balance budget. This concept came from his belief that it is not possible for the government to slash reimbursements in case it cannot cut the costs related to patient care. He has repeatedly advocated for a voucher centric or credit centric system where money is paid to the poor so that they can purchase their own healthcare. This will reduce costs over a period of time. A similar plan is being proposed by Paul Ryan, the present House Speaker. He proposed that Medicare should not be an entitlement program and beneficiaries should be given a particular quantum of money to purchase private health plans.

Gingrich holds the opinion that this kind of reform will enable the states to solve the Medicare shortcomings. There will be no need for the government to find a single solution. He also said earlier that the laws which are not working in Obamacare should be examined and acted upon.

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